Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Favorites | May 19th 2014

Strawberry Shortcake Doughnuts | The Little Epicurean

I have been craving donuts for the longest time! Donuts are like a hole filled with goodness and love. These are even better though because they aren't any plain donuts there are strawberry shortcake! Head on over to The Little Epicurican to learn how to make this delicious treat!

This is one oF the cutest and funniest little girl I have ever seen! I don't remeber exactly how I stumbled upon this blog but I liked it instantly. Head on over to Everyday Reading can check out some cool diy's, the funniest little girl, books and much more!
Here is a snippet of just how witty this little tot is!
Bart generally spends two hours twice a week with the girls in the morning while I get some work done.
Ella: We should read a book. We just don't get to spend very much time together. 
Janssen: You don't think we spend very much time together?
Ella: No. [big sigh] Dad just takes care of us almost all the time. 

Clutches are great for spring and summer because it's less things you have to carry, therefore less things to make you hot. I would have to say I love me a good satchel, but at least one clutch should be in everyone's closet. If you don't have one here is your chance. Make your way on over to Live It. Love It. Make It. to create your own now!


A good form of  art can do wonders on a otherwise bare wall. I am a sucker for unique and cool wall art and this definitely doesn't fail to dissapoint. I love the colors and the different types of spoons used. If you want to spice up a wall in your place fork it on over to A Joyful Riot.


I don't know why but I find this moss vase super chic and cool. This vase definitely gives me an Alice and Wonderland vibe. This diy is so easy, which definitely makes it more likely that I will make my own as well. Want to be taken into your own wonderland? Skip on over to Upcyled Treasures to make your own.

matchy matchy, matching set, floral set, spring, trend, pencil skirt, crop top

This spring and summer a pippin trend is the matchy-matchy look and I am liking it! There is just something so effortless about a two piece outfit. Furthermore, you can pair each piece with different clothing items, so basically it's a win win. Check out more pictures of this fabulous outfit at Lush to Blush.

Scandinavian Kitchen Designs-29-1 Kindesign

I have been more into cooking lately which doesn't really have anything to do with this kitchen in retrospect. I just really would love to whip up a couple of dishes in this fabulous kitchen. I have already come up with three- flat bread pizza, ravioli, and tomato basil soup-yum. See more fabulous kitchens like this on 1 Kin Design.

Hope you are having a great Monday and as always thanks for visiting!


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