Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY: Jewelry Plate | May 30th 2014

Hey guys! So today I have a little diy for you! I have needing to clean off my dresser for the longest time, and I finally did it! To go along with my de-cluttered dresser I thought it would be so cool to make a jewelry plate as well. This was super easy and the only thing I had to buy was the plate, which is from Dollar Tree! Maybe you will find some time to do this project as well! 

What You Need:
Plate-Dollar Tree
Dinosaur- Already Owned (Can find at local craft store)
Super Glue- Already Owned (Can find at local hardware store)
Gold Spray Paint- Already Owned (Can find at local Walmart)
Tape- Already Owned (Can find at art store)

It's pretty much self-explanatory, but I thought I would give the briefest explanation of what I did.

1. I taped off all the parts I wanted to remain white. I did it free had so it's not perfect at all, but I like it like that.
2. Next, I sprayed the plate as well as the dinosaur.
3. Then I let it dry outside for about an hour.
5. Next, I glued the dinosaur to the plate,and it dried almost instantly.
4. Then I used it! Bam! That easy!

Not the best photography and it looks way better in person, but hopefully you can see my vision, and I hope you will try it too!


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