Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Favorites:)

1. Who can not love cat ears. These are super cute and easy to make! All you really need is wire, spray paint, and rhinestones. Another great thing is that not only can you wear these for regular use but also for a Halloween costume. I love when things can be used for a multipurpose. To learn how to recreate these go to Why Don't You Make Me?

DIY Detachable Overalls | The Merrythought

2. Overalls are extra laid-back and comfortable but a lot of the times one part fits and the other part doesn't. That's where this cool tutorial comes in! You use shorts you already have and make detachable overall tops. It includes some sewing but only a teeny bit so I know you can handle it! Shoot on over to the Merry Thought to design your own.

3. So is this not one of the coolest transformations that you have ever seen!? It's definitely a "why didn't I think of that" moment. It does also requires sewing but practice makes perfect (which I need)! It actually ends up being a really nice summer shirt and you can tell people you made it! Travel on by Silver Pencils (such a rad name by the way) to make your own.

sawhorse table

4. Dreaming of things that I am gonna put in my home one day is a daily thing. I just love decorating things in general so it would probably take me years to do a house! On to this puppy though; it's like a handmade work of art, made from a sawhorse and wood, how easier can it get. It ended up being under $40 dollars and is a total:DO. Dash on over to Let's Go Sunning (also a rad name) to get all the info.

5. So I am actually excited about school this year and this DIY made me even more excited! It's actually pretty easy and requires few materials, which is s-u-p-e-r fantastic! So this year you will be studying in style! Flip on over to Minted Strawberry to make this custom made beauty. Also remember that just because your not in school anymore doesn't mean you can't enjoy this awesome stuff to!

DIY Bright Ideas Lampshade || Jade and Fern

6. Light bulbs on a light shade...nuff said. I think this is so cool looking that i just can't stop staring at it...go ahead take another look...good? So if your an amateur at drawing, such as myself your thinking you can't recreate this, but you can! Even if it doesn't look AMAZING you still made it and that's what matters. So get ready to start crafting, but first visit Jade & Fern to get the details!

DIY industrial style pendant light

7. I am into lights this week if you can tell! Thought this last weekend favorite might brighten up your day. This would look great anywhere but I could really picture it in a kitchen looking fabulous hanging over a gorg dinner table. What's even more appealing is that it's made out of a fan, talk about refurbishing. This is also made from Jade & Fern but it was a guest post at KittenHood  so go there to get the how-to's.

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