Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week Day Favorites!

Hey Guys so I know I haven't been uploading frequently AND I missed weekend favorites which is something I really try not to miss. With school starting, and work, and well life I have found it hard to take the time to dedicate time every other day to the blog. I am determined to post more and and all that jazz once everything slows down so don't lose hope! So today I leave you with a few Week Day Favorites! I love all the people who take the time to read this and to the new people who will read it! 

1. So my favorites are all kind of related to what I am into now and one thing is definitely books! I am trying to read more and you know broaden my vocab! This is really cute if you want your book collection to look cohesive and all pretty! Just a tip don't get more books than you can read from the library, all you do is keep renewing them and never getting to read them (AKA:me). Jump over to Poppy Haus to learn this fun, easy, cool DIY!

2. I kind of redid/ rearranged my room and one of the last things I need to do was something to my end table. I thought about getting a new one from Ikea but I would've had to order it offline. I decided on spray painting it although I haven't done it yet, I have been procrastinating badly! So I am glad I saw this idea because it is not only fabulous but inspires me to get mine done. Head over to While They Snooze to see how to recreate this!

Brick Wall Galaxy

3. I have come to the realization that sneakers will be my best friend this year because I will be walking a lot. So if  you have to ditch the uncomfortable but cute flats, or midi heels, or any other non-walking shoe make them cute! These are fun to make but also practical for school, while still looking chic! Visit Nutella Is My Fella to find out how to make these out of this galaxy, rad shoes ( I came up with that, oh yeah!)

4. Also While redoing my room I thought of painting my headboard, which I haven't done yet either, but will.....someday! I stumbled upon this though and it made me so cheery and happy. I mean who doesn't want to wake up to birds above their head everyday! I would really like to try this out and if not on a headboard maybe on a wall or wall art! Head over to Cathey With An E to get the scoop!

P.S-I choose 4 favorites today because that's my favorite number!


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