Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

1.I always thought deer antlers would be a cool accent piece to have, but these are awesome. I love elephants and it looks so chic and can really change up a room. To learn more go and visit pointless pretty things right now!

2. I have so many magazines just because I love them! I am sure I have three new ones to read which I will...eventually. So I really like this DIY because it's a fun little craft to do and it will serve a purpose. On top of that I love magazine holders especially since I keep almost all the magazines I get. So if you nee storage for your magazine collection to flip over to A Bubbly Life!

3. So this favorite also comes from A Bubbly Life! I am in love with this cork board I wish I could just go buy it. You may not think so, but cork boards definitely come in handy when you have things for school, work, or anything else, like coupons! You can't be losing those good coupons! So this is a great item to have in your abode. Head over there now to get in the know and make your own.

4. Whenever I find a blog I really like it just happens to have all of my favorite things. So yes, this is also from A Bubbly Life! They are DIY Gold hangers! I really like these because they can be used for a number of things! They would look super cute as photo holders hanging on a wall. So swing on over to A Bubbly Life to make your own glittery hangers!

"Live, Laugh, Love"

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