Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend Favorites!

Whenever I think things are slowing down they just speed up again! That's life for ya. Any who I didn't get to do all the post ideas I had this week but I definitely couldn't miss Weekend Favorites! I have some goodies coming up though so stay tuned!


1. Chalkboard paint can be so much fun and creative. I have worked with it before and it's really easy to use and apply. This idea of "where you've been and where you want to go" is so ambitious and cool that it makes me want to go everywhere!This is super easy and very appealing to they eye. To figure how to make this awesome art travel over to A Single Frame!

DIY leather-suspended shelf | Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles

2. This is not only a great storage idea but also a great option for accessorizing. It's mostly made up of wood and leather, so you probably couldn't put as much weight on it as a regular shelf but it's cute, easy, and functional! To make one of these puppies for yourself trot over to Camille Styles!

Fabric Paper Glue | DIY Mod Podge Melts Embellished Clutch

3. Before I saw this I didn't even know there was such thing as mod podge melts! It seems super cool, fun, and I want some NOW! This does require a few mod podge accessories and a little bit of sewing but the end result definitely makes it worth it! Visit FabricPaperGlue to learn how to make this gorg clutch!

DIY Bracelet, DIY Evil Eye Bracelet

4. When I first saw this DIY in automatically reminded me of Real Housewives of Orange County. If your totally confused that's okay I watch way to much reality TV. Any who This bracelet is so great for summer. It's fun and mysterious and oh so colorful! Leap to over My Little Secrets to create your own Evil Eye Bracelet!

Malachite + Gold Shoulder Bag 34

5. I love, love, love this bag. After looking through the step-by-step I don't think I am on that level quite yet, but one step at a time! It definitely requires sewing and cutting skills but I am sure many of you have the chops! Strut over to FabricPaperGlue to see the whole shebang!


6. When you want to see a great photo Instagram is one of the places you will find one. Now they have apps where you can print them and have them to keep FOREVER! I already love Polaroids so this idea to color dip it is delightful. It is beyond easy and looks great too. To find out the how-to's dip on over to 52 Weeks Project!

DIY Mod Melts Cabochons | Damask Love Blog

7. So Mod Melts intrigued me so much that I had to post about them twice this week! I have been looking for flower cabochons to make those rad sunglasses! I haven't been able to find any except online. This definitely a great alternative to ordering offline. To find out all the Mod Melt supplies you need pop over to damask love!

Hope you found something that caught your eye today and that you have a wonderful upcoming week! More post hopefully coming soon!

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