Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"I Work Out"

Many say it is hard to stay fit and eat healthy- and there right! I have been trying both of these for a good while now and it is no easy task. I actually would really love a chocolate cake right about now, and cookies, oh and ice cream! Anyways don't want to get to carried away! Personally I think all individuals should find what works best for them. For example if your not much of a runner try cycling or zumba. Zumba is AMAZING and really fun. Also, if your already into working out or planning on it, what is your go to active wear? Mine is definitely shorts, sports bra, and running shoes of course. I also love the wide legged workout pants, their to comfortable. Jackets can also be good for working out if you work out outside, if you get cold easily like me, and or if you wanna sweat more. Whatever your new natural may be, let it be about you, and most importantly right for you! 

"I work out!"

Best places to get Active Wear:

* Shorts & Pants- Old Navy & Target
*Sports Bras- Jcpenny's & Walmart
*Sneakers- Shoe Carnival & Nike
*Jackets- Walmart &  Old Navy
Everything Apparel: VS

Hope you got inspired or stayed inspired! Happy new natural!


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