Friday, March 13, 2015

Ink It | March 13th 2015

I have been wanting to get a new tattoo for a while now! I already have two and people are so right when they say once the bug is in you it's impossible to get it out! After I got my first one I said I wasn't gonna get anymore, but we all see how that turned out. I do always stick to the belief that it should have meaning. If something is gonna be a part of you for a lifetime, then it should be something that really speaks about you and to you. With that I leave you with some tips on getting inked and some tattoo inspiration.
Oh and happy Friday the 13th!
Here are some tips for getting a tattoo:
1. Know what you want before you go. It prevents a longer waiting time and making a rash decision by just picking something you may regret.
2. Make sure the tattoo artist opens the equipment in front of you, this is your body, your tattoo and you don't want to be put your health at risk by used needles and such.
3. Don't overpay. Check around where you live and get rates. Most of the time it depends on what you get so know before you call.
4. Check and see if they do student discounts or military discounts because most tattoo shops aren't cheap and that can save you a buck.
5. Know where you want it because it's going to be there forever. Both of mine are on my wrist because I like to see them and are easily covered up by cardigans, watches, and bracelets. 
6.Get what YOU want, where YOU want it. When I got my elephant one of  the guys told me it was dumb to get it facing me, after talking to the guy tattooing me I decided to get it facing me and am so glad I did. Tattoo artist are artist and they have great ideas, but if it's not something you like or want don't do it.


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rocket + planet
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72 Back of Neck Tattoos for Women and Girls – Part I (1)

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I'm bringing sexy back

These are both of my tattoos. I don't really take pictures of them because they will most likely look the same. This is an hour after I got my elephant, and that was a few months after I got my music note. 
They both mean a lot to me. I love elephants but not a lot of people see them as beautiful as say a lion or a giraffe. They have so much to offer from their resourcefulness to their memory. It reminds you to look on the inside to. The music note is kind of obvious, I love music and singing it makes me happy! 

Do you want tattoos? If so what is it?


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