Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend Recap | March 17th 2015

This weekend was the prefect ending to a lack luster spring break. The break was nice, but honestly all I did was catch up on homework, and being awoke by an alarm today was such a great reminder that all good things must come to an end. Here is a little recap of my weekend, and I hope yours was just as spectacular! Oh, and happy St.Patrick's Day!

We went to the circus on Friday and it was amazing! I love going to the circus and if you read my most previous post then you know why. If not, the pictures might give it away! I always thought I could be in the circus, but I have indefinitely reconsidered. Never will I ever me in the circus unless they want a mediocre dancer to NOT do any tricks.

I have tried Noodles & Company once before and it was amaze balls. This time my mom picked some up for us so I don't have any clue what this is called. What I do know is that it was heavenly and its all veggies and noodles.

I had to save these donuts for last because donuts are bae. To be honest these aren't the ones we went there for or would've choose first, but they were pretty good. My two were the ones to the far left, which was peanut butter and a chocolate one filled with some weird tasting stuff. Overall all these are some pretty good donuts, although I liked the ones from last time better, but alas I would definitely go back again.


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