Monday, February 2, 2015

Gif It | February 2nd 2015

When someone is in the midst of spilling the beans and they weren't supposed to.

I love gifs. I feel my life might look a little more interesting if it was seen as gifs. I have finally found a good use in my emotions being written all over my face. #winning I was gonna do a whole other post but I got side tracked and well this is the result, enjoy!


When you try to be super cute and it's an epic fail

When bae likes another girls post on Instagram

When you only have one dance move in the club

When you actually get tax money back

If they even threaten to cancel Orange is the New Black

When someone says a terrible joke and you think about laughing, but decide not to

When Obama mentioned free college

Then you realized it was for community college

When you just knew you were about to get beat

When there is nothing to eat in the fridge

Or, you haven't eaten all day

When little Billy won't stay put

When someone wears sandals in the winter/cold weather

funny gifs | Tumblr

When someone threatens your best friend


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