Sunday, August 10, 2014

Photos of the week and other lost photographs | August 10th 2014

This wasn't this week but I seriously love these pancakes! They are whole wheat blueberry pancakes and they are heaven in your mouth. Here I had 2 pancakes, sugar free syrup, and a banana! The recipe is from Garnish & Glaze!

 Also not from this week but it looked and tasted to good to pass up! These are chicken fajitas with lots of lettuce, tomatoes, some cheese, and a side of Spanish rice, my favorite!

For one of my lunches last week I had a crabcake (I have a new obsession with these), potatoes (the Alexia ones in my What I Ate video here), some spinach, and half of an apple pie quest bar. I didn't like the quest bar at all, so I ate some date crackers instead!

This dinner was scrumptious! This was a pork chop, some veggies, pasta salad, and mango salsa.

 Finally on to some meals this week! I had some delicious marinated salmon, I think in soy sauce and other goodness. Also some grilled asparagus topped with Parmesan, and some veggies to round it out. This was amazing seriously.

My grandma came to visit  which was so fun and I am so sad she is leaving today! We wanted to do some fun things while she was here so we made a trip back in time and you will see what I am talking about later. This was a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwhich on potato bread that we had there. This was seriously THE BEST Pb&j I ever had. On the side was some pesto pasta which was also good.

Dinner the other night was Salisbury steak topped with some gravy, a side of fresh hand mashed potatoes, and creamy spinach. I might have ate the reminents of the spinach that was in the pan. Oops!

After dinner we made a trip to Sweet Frog! I had 1/2 cup of graham cracker froyo, pineapple, cookie dough, strawberries, blueberries, and one brownie bite! Wish I had gotten 2 bites. I didn't even eat hardly any before it started melting! It was still good!

So we were playing on traveling to an old part of town where they have enactments and such, but got lost and ended up at the ferry. It was a good mistake though because it was my first time and so fun and cool.

The waters!

Here is an outfit of the day!
+pants-Urban Outfitters
+Sandals- Payless ?
+Cropped Tee- Forever 21

How cool does this look?! It's like going back in time! You had to pay to go into a lot of reenactments and  buildings and nobody got time for that, so we just looked at the free stuff and in the shops! Honestly in was just as fun, maybe even more!

Here is a look into one of the shops! 

This was an old timely game called Bilbo Catcher that I was really bad at.

After we left we made our way to the outlet mall. This one had the more expensive stores like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Kate Spade (pictures above). I had never been into Kate Spade and was so excited to go in. I really do love everything in there but Whooo, I didn't know it was that pricey. I will own one of her bags one day, just not today, or tomorrow, or next year probably. 

Now that I have taken about 15 minutes of your precious time, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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