Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Favorites | August 4th 2014

I have really been craving donuts, and not just any donut. I want one of those milky bun donuts filled with cake batter ice cream and sprinkles! Alas one of those places is not close to me so the next best thing is a donut rug of course. Rugs are not only decorative but super functional. I could definitely see this as a welcome mat. I know your burning inside to make this so head on over to The House That Lars Built now.

This nail art makes me berry, berry happy! Sorry, I had to do it! Strawberries are one of my favorite berries and what better way to express your love than on your nails. It looks so nice that it may look hard, but the tutorial makes it look super easy. Does this make you berry happy? If so, whip on over Wonder Forest.

Reasons why this makes me smile:
1. I LOVE potatoes
2. I LOVE green beans
3. I LOVE feta cheese
Need I say more?
Oh yes! Head on over to Drum Beets for the amaze ball recipe.


Colors like lime green and salmon mixed with light blues and a crisp white are my favorite combinations to see in the summer. A good sheath dress is always a nice bonus to have in your wardrobe because it's effortless and oh so easy. I like this one especially because it's so versatile from a night out with the girls to a mid-evening wedding. To see more of this one-of-a-kind get up head on over to What Courtney Wore.

I seriously follow over 900 people on Instagram. Why you ask? I just like looking at other people's memories through photographs.  I got tired of looking at the same people's photos, so I followed more. I don't have nearly as many followers as I follow, but my pictures are for me before anyone else, and if people happen to like them, well that's amazing. I will say it's quite a lot because when I refresh there is always a whole new batch of photos. Instagram is one of my favorites because it's fun to capture moments and for the most part inspires lots of people and of course be inspires. Follow me here if you fancy!


Speaking of Instagram, this is where I found my last favorite. This blog is called Food By Skylar. It's about a girl living in New York who has a goal to try all the food places in New York. I want to travel to New York JUST to try some of the places she has been. Seriously if you want to see some good food and reviews whip on over to her blog and follow her on Instagram at Nycdining!


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