Wednesday, June 4, 2014

STILL IN: Overalls | June 4th 2014

Trending In: Overalls

1. White Overalls: White is crisp and clean and definitely has made a comeback on the scene. White overalls are great because they aren't just plain blue denim, and can be paired with almost any pattern. I of course think they would look amazing with jellies because they are my new favorite warm weather shoe.

2. Denim Overalls: Denim overalls are a classic and perfect for the summer, which is right around the cul-de-sac! This can be a go to outfit when your not sure what to wear. Just pair some overalls with a crop top and your choice of accessory and you ready to go! I think booties can still be worn but so your feet don't stink wear ones with cut outs, and a hat to block you from the blazing sun!

3. Full Leg Overalls: Last but especially not least is the classic pant overalls. Usually you can find some that have the same breathable effect as boyfriend jeans which works well in warm weather. You can pair this with a crop top or on a breezy day a light weight  sweater. Spice up this classic look with a bold silver shoe and a long-chained necklace.

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