Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Come Shopping With Me: Jeans for $4.50?!

Hey guys! So I thought it would be cool if I took you shopping with me virtually! I love shopping and I love getting deals, so I thought I would share both of my favorite things to do with you! I went to browse but alas one store got their hook in me, keep reading to see!


Jcpenny's has to be one of my favorite places to shop because they have such good deals and really cute stuff! 
My number one tip?
The tag says 27.99 but I price checked them and they were only $10.00!

Same goes with this chic and soft infinity scarf.
Tag says $26.00 but it was actually $12.00!
(excuse my ugly thumb nail)

Second Tip?
If you have time try it on, it will narrow down items and save you a trip back to the store.

What a mess! oops!
This skirt I was in LOVE with. Thanks to my madre for purchasing it for me!

A Ninjahs Thoughts taking my advice!

Body Central

I don't have that many items from Body Central just because I only venture into the store after hitting all the others, and therefore have no funds left. They do have some good on trend clothes and good deals and I wouldn't mind shopping there more.

I have always wanted some of these but I prefer a round toe boot. 

Ratchet is what these earrings are!

Was in love with this circle skirt! The lady beside it did NOT want to move.

This was a nice scuba skirt material, very chic!
Price-Around $12-14

Rue 21

Rue 21 has a lot of great things, but some things to me seem to be a little much. I still have some great pieces from there and will continue to venture in.

Thought this was cute but not cute enough for $22.00

I REALLY wanted this hoodie. It reminded me of the lightweight ones from Brandy Melville. It was $18.00 which isn't that bad, but I am sure it will go on sale, so I will patiently wait!


Third Tip:

Excuse my feet because in other news, I got these jeans for $4.50! They were originally $50.00 then $15.00  then $4.50 and I was so excited! They are boyfriend jeans, which I have wanted for forever, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for. Definitely go check out Areopostale I have recently become a big fan. 

I also got a dress from the Bethany Mota collection for $7.50 
a Bandeau for $1.80

Couldn't forget an outfit of the day!
Army Jacket-Cotton On
Sweater-Old Navy
Boots-Old Navy
Scarf-Cotton On

One of my favorite satchels!

Definitely go check them out and hopefully you have found some new places to shop till you drop! Hope your enjoying your day, and thanks for coming shopping with me!


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