Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Favorites...

The time has come for my weekend favorites! Hope you have enjoyed your weekend and also made some good memories. Furthermore, I hope you can find some diy inspiration for this week, so without further adieu my weekend favorites from me to you!

I always love a nice looking jewelry box, especially when it's made of glass. What is better way to display your jewelry than in a beautiful glass box. I love the way it's styled in this photo, but I know mine would be brimming with jewels. Head on over to House of Earnest to learn how to make this lovely gem!

I don't think that people should spend a lot decorating for short holidays, especially like Valentine's Day or even St. Patrick's Day. That is why I love this cute and easy diy Those are actually thumbtacks! It's not only easy but inexpensive, and makes for great  decorating. Push on over to Life In Velvet to learn this chic decor.

DIY Valentine Succulent Planters
In continuing inexpensive Valentine decorations is this cute planter. The buckets are so inexpensive, some rocks can even be found outside, and a plant is always nice to have. I also love the free printable sign, how clever! Drop on in at Vitamini Handmade to get the deets!

DIY Tassel Necklace: DIY Dog and Tassel Charm Necklace from The Kids' Dept.

I don't know what I love about this necklace more- the dog or the tassels. I think it's so cute, unique, and would definitely  be a head turner. Want to make one for yourself? Swing on over to The Kids Dept.


One of the first things I am gonna do when I get my own place is make a kick-butt closet. I particularly am in love with this closet because it's chic, has white clean lines, and makes me a baby bit jealous. Do your dreams at night consist of your dream closet? Oh yeah me too! Want to be even more blown away? Shuffle on over to Stylizimo:Nina Holst.

I am not an avid wearer of makeup but when I came across this diy I was very intrigued! It seems fairly easy and you can customize it to your complexion because you add a little bit of your own foundation. Head on over to Craft A Doodle Doo to learn more!

Hope you enjoyed my weekend favorites and are enjoying your Sunday. It's almost back to the daily grind again!


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