Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites...

I always like to surf the web and find cool things! You can find a lot of ideas and fun diys through scouring the web. Today in my Friday Favorites from the world wide web I found some awesome ideas that I definitely want to try, and maybe you'll find something you will want to try to!

  1. First is the diy tie dye denim from a site called Swellmayde! These look so fun and fresh! The best part is, is that they actually look legit, like a professional did it! To find out more on how to to this colorful diy click here!

2. Next is from the AMAZING site Honestlywtf! I am in love with literally all their diy's. This is particularly my favorite because it is more money savy to make floral headbands than to buy your own because as I have previously stated they tend to run steep. To learn how you can start adorning this gorg piece click here!

TIP: If you want a longer lasting headband use fake flowers instead of real ones!

DIY Vintage Trunk Restyle

3. This beaut is from LovelyIndeed! It is a trunk turned into a table. I have fallen deeply in love with trunk tables because they are so unique and vintage! To see how to get this for your abode click here!


4. I love this because I have a ton of magazines and they are just everywhere. the basket is clean ans easily stored. A plus is also the name plate! To find out where to get the basket and make the name plate visit the LizMarieblog!

turn a table placemat into a purse

5. TheKipiBlog is where I found this ultra creative diy. It's a place mat made into a purse-genius. Just hone in on a little bit of those sewing skills and you will be ready to go! Click here to learn how to make it!


6. I sutmbled upon this on MyChicLife, but the diy actually comes from Delightfullydiy. I did a previous post spotlighting Missoni and if you didn't read it you can find it here! Anywho, this is exactly what this necklace remind me of and I am loving it! To find out how, and what you need to make this click here!

7. So I recently found that t-shirt transparencies are wierdly overpriced. That is why I love this diy from TheFirstLime! All you really need is a t-shirt, rulers, sharpie, and a cd! To learn how to do this step-by-step click here!

Hope you found something that excited your creative abilites and TGITW!
(Thank God It's The Weekend!)

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