Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trending In: The Interview

As spring is rolling in, the time to look for internships or maybe even jobs begans. One is often skeptical on what is appropriate to wear to an interview. Honeslty, what you wear on an interview depends on where you interviewing. If it's more of a laid back company dress more comfortable, while at a more corporate company dress neat and professional. If you delve into your closet you may realize that you have just the perfect pieces to wear to be workplace ready!

If your unsure of what to wear to an interview stick with these three basics:

Trending in: The Interview

Trending in: The Interview by dantidoll 

Office: For a job that revloves around the office pair a black trouser, black blazer, and black blouse together to make your look cohesive. Adding a brocade blazer or any color blazer other than black, serves as a statment peice but still keeps the look simply and professional. The classic black pump finishes the clean look.

Fashion: Jobs in fashion lets you step out of the box a bit. Adding a peach blazer with a white sheer shirt makes you look clean and sleek. Adding a pencil skrit that doesn't exaclty hit the knee is taking away the librarian look while still keeping it proffesional. Add a bootie to complete the look and don't wear a heel that is to high.

Laid Back: Laid back is more of a look for companies such as Google or a journalist job. The look vibes of casual with the plain white tee, inifnity scarf, and sandal. The look still is kept professional with a gray blazer and a harem trouser.

Keynote: It is always good to look and feel your best when going to an interview, whether it be for a laid back company or a corporate business! Happy Jobbing!

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