Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Fitness Journey Part 2 | January 6th 2015

Back in October of last year (boy that sounds weird) I did a post on my fitness journey. I thought with the starting of the new year I would do part two! Right now is the time that everyone is at the gym. My morning class usually has like 3 or 4 of us now has like 8-9 people, and this is an early class, like 5:45 early! That may not be a lot, but the people at the gym in general has doubled.

( I now have a new love for cropped work out pants)

I remember when I first got my gym membership I worked out basically every single day. Unless it's your job I wouldn't recommend working out intentionally everyday. One because it takes a toll on you after a while and also you don't give your muscles or your body a chance to rest. If you have to walk your dog everyday or something that is not strenuous activity daily that's okay, but doing hardcore classes like boot camp everyday is a bit much. Even 6 days are doable but not all 7. I like to workout 5 days a week and honestly after working out everyday for a while, sometimes it's hard not to, but that's where listening to your body becomes more important than your mind. There are people who can work out everyday, but if your thinking about doing that get a trainer or a professional to guide you.

(My momma and I)

The 3 classes that are my favorite are Body Pump, TRX2&3, and Tabata. Find something you love doing and stick to it! I ran for so long before I realized I don't really like running all that much, it's okay and I can do it, but doing it everyday or 5 days a week doesn't really sound appealing to me. Those 3 classes above I enjoy doing and feel so good after. Of course their are mornings when I don't feel like working out, but generally these classes I very much enjoy attending.

Other good classes that I go to sometimes are Zumba and Circuit Training. If you didn't know already I LOVE group classes! I do workout by myself at home but when I go to the gym and have to workout on my own I get overwhelmed with all the equipment and men (maybe I should start scoping them out actually;)). Group classes are fun and motivating and make you push yourself. 

( Flex it-sort of...)

Also just to add you don't need a gym membership to stay fit. Cable companies have fitness videos On Demand, I love Calorie Burnout on Comcast. Blogilates on You Tube is a great one, as well as Tone It Up

As far as food that is still something I have to work on in the new year. I want to be able to be an intuitive eater, which is harder than one would think once you start working out. I am also literally bloated all the time so I also want to eat healthier, when I figure out what healthy eating means to me. Just know that if you do change your eating habits don't deprive yourself of the things you love. If you want apple pie, eat that dang apple pie, I mean not the whole thing (I definitely could) but a slice. This is a lesson I have learned infinite times before it kicked in. Moderation is key.

( These Victoria Secret leggings are amaze balls)

I still want abs (yep still ain't got em), but know that that doesn't define you, your health, or your ability to succeed. As stated in part one everyone is different and no two bodies are exactly alike. Also remember than it's a lifestyle and a journey. Things won't happen instantly and there will be road bumps but that's what you learn best from, your failures. I got on the scale last week and it was like 5 pounds higher than the last time I had gotten on it. It probably is muscle, but I am human and those days are gonna happen. Honestly I was a bit taken a back maybe sad, muscle weights more than fat and  know I haven't done much to gain fat, but I still felt a little discouraged. This is where again, you have to listen to your body and not your mind. Do your clothes still feel loose that once felt tight, do you feel stronger, are you happy? These are the questions that matter, and if you do gain some weight back or have a hard time getting it off, don't beat yourself up about it, like I said this a lifestyle and life isn't easy. A fad is easy, a diet is easy, but life is not.

Maybe I should do a part three because this is super long! If you came this far, congrats you deserve a red velvet cupcake (those are my favorite)!



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