Wednesday, October 1, 2014

My Fitness Journey Part 1 | October 1st 2014

I made it a goal for me to workout religiously throughout the summer, and not to toot my own horn, but I think I really stuck to it. Mid April I started working out since I was on break from school and it was fun at first.

My Routine
  • Wake up at 8:30
  • Run outside for 30-40 minutes (2-3 miles)
  • Eat Breakfast- Oatmeal w/ sugar free syrup, fruit, and a banana
  • Eat Lunch always at 2:00PM- Mostly wraps and vegetables
  • Eat Dinner- Varied 

 This was literally all I did till I got my membership to the gym. Which now looking back wasn't really doing much in terms of building muscle except in my calf's. As I got more into working out Instagram became a big part of my take on fitness, and how I should look and what I should eat. It was nice running and I actually improved from last summer, actually being able to run the entire time.Seeing people on Instagram though can really do a doosie to you! A lot are fitness people who count macros, have 8 pack abs, and eat the same thing everyday. Not saying any of this is a bad thing, but it can really affect someones feelings about themselves and how they should look .For example, I first set out in the summer to just be fit, then it was more about eating NOTHING bad, and then having a six pack. Mind you I still don't have a six pack,lol. I also got really into counting calories and watching what I ate very religiously. I also stopped eating things I loved eating like salt & vinegar chips, ramen noodles, cheese, white bread, and the list goes on. It sounds like a good thing, and it was to an extent, like switching from white to wheat, and trading out chips for vegetables. Everything became about food though, oatmeal for breakfast, and planning all day for lunch and dinner. Also mind you I didn't/don't really need to lose weight. 

My point is, is that it's nice to want to lose weight and keep fit, but don't let it become you, I am still working on this. Also don't let social media tell you how you should look or what you should do, everyone's different, have different body types, genetics, lose weight easier than one body part than another, and so on. 

While I do believe in not making excuses for not wanting to workout don't let it consume you. 



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