Friday, October 3, 2014

Lost Photographs | October 3rd 2014

I always have to many pictures on my phone because I like to keep everything. One could say I hoard my photos, but I would rather see it as keeping lots of memories. Maybe I should just get them printed and call it a day. What is something/things you refuse to get rid of?

I think I mentioned it before, but we went to Busch Gardens a couple of weekends ago and it was so fun. If you haven't been definitely put it on your bucket list. It's a great amusement park if you don't like to ride rides, but also if you do. We rode all the major coasters and the longest we had to wait was 15 minutes. #score

Last week for one of my fashion classes we visited Cotton Incorporated and it was so informative. Also, there is a cotton commercial with Hayden Pantierre and she was wearing this exact yellow dress and used this closet as a backdrop! Let's just I was really excited. This is the closest thing to celebrity interaction I have had, unless you count sitting in the same chair as Obama.

Words really can't justify this steak I had for dinner one night last weekend. I will just say it was ten times as good as it looks!

I am really getting into plaid for the fall season. You will see this army jacket a lot-brace yourself.

I like to take selfies with my mom, my mom likes to take selfies by herself.

We went to a festival this past weekend and black was not the right color to wear! It was so hot but I am not ready for the cold weather yet! Don't pay attention to my ashy, veiny feet, and instead look at these gorg sandals from Kohl's.

Shirt- Marshalls
Headband-Forever 21
Sandals- Kohl's


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