Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I ate Wednesday | What I Wore Wednesday | September 4th 2014

I wanted to do a What I Ate Wednesday post because what else am I supposed to do with all my food pictures?!These are things I have eaten in the past week or two. In all seriousness I love these post and food and health has become something that I enjoy learning more about, so I thought I would share it with you all! I also included a What I Wore- it's not the best quality but I love this outfit!

Shirt- Marshalls?

I love a good Chipotle salad! YUM!

I had this last night. It was potato wedges, veggies, potato salad made by my mom, and a piece of grilled chicken from KFC.

My mom is a wonderful cook! This is a black and bleu salad. It contains steak, bleu cheese, mushrooms, bacon, spinach and romaine lettuce, and onions! So Good!

So my sister, dad, and I try to make it to Sunday breakfast at IHop whenever we get a chance. I always get the same thing because it's so yummy, I might have to change it up though. This is the silver 5 with a scrambled egg and a piece of bacon. If your looking for it it is on the kids menu-don't judge me!

I seriously have oatmeal every day for breakfast, unless we go to breakfast of course! I used to put sugar free syrup to sweeten it, but that's not the nest for you to eat all the time. Now I put in a little bit of brown sugar, cinnamon, stevia, and fruit. On this day I had peaches in it, which adds tons of flavor! That is an egg-white on the side!

I attempted at making turkey burgers, and they tasted okay but I didn't mix it up enough. Some parts have tons of flavor while others taste bland. Overall I was pretty proud of myself. I had it with half potatoes and half parsnip "fries" (which were not that good) and peas!

Steamed carrots have really become one of my favorite things. As well as my moms salmon it's always so flavorful and tender.

This virgin peach daiquiri is from Olive Garden and usually I like strawberry, but this was the bomb! I wanted to order another but the machine broke, just my luck.

I am pretty sure you can't tell what that is, it is a tuna wrap with light laughing cow cheese which has been my favorite recently, as well as the off brand kind.  That white thing there is just three egg whites that I made in the microwave.

Mt mom made bbq chicken and it was pretty delicious. I had some brown ice, but didn't eat much of it because I wasn't feeling it.

I have been taking my lunch to school and I usually have to take things that I don't have to heat up. These were chicken wraps with lettuce, cabbage and carrots, and cheese in a herb wrap. On the side I had peas, cranberry crisp crackers, and apples.

Hope you enjoyed!

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