Thursday, September 4, 2014

Project Runway Season 13 EP: 6 Recap | September 4th 2014

On the latest episode the designers had to create an alternative wedding dress. There were teams of two and the teams had to create cohesive looks as well. I could seriously have like 5 dresses on my wedding day because I wouldn't be able to pick jut one! I was really excited about this episode because Chiara Ferragni was on it, and she is a serious friend in my head. There were some I loved and then some that I am pretty sure were going to a funeral and not a wedding, but hey to each's own. Click on the designers name for the link, do note there will be spoilers, and visit Lifetime to see all the looks. Also don't forget to tune in tonight to see the newest episode.

I am not gonna lie, when Korrina said she was doing a tuxedo type ensemble I was a little spectacle, but this is all kinds of chic. The pants fit a little weird at the very bottom, but the look overall is on point. Kudos to Korrina she is busting through finally!

Sean's look came in second for me next to Korrina's even though he won. I find it interesting that both of my favorite looks are not even dresses, what has the world come too?! This look is very clean and sleek, I could definitely see it at a small unconventional wedding. It reminds me of a little woman empowerment!

Char was the one who went home on this episode. She was kind of in the mix for me, but I liked her personality and wanted her to go to the end. Sadly the look her and Sandhya came up with was-well maybe a little to much sunshine. It reminded me more of a bridesmaid dress than a dress for the bride.

This look by Emily gave me mixed feelings. I guess it's to dark for me and a little to Wednesday from the Adams Family. I do like the bottom, just not with the top and not for a wedding. I would actually wear the bottom especially if it was shorter! Overall this look was not my favorite.

Those were my favorites and not-so favorites! Don't forget to watch tonight's episode!


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