Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Favorites| September 8th 2014


As someone who is always cold, I love a good light knitted sweater in the warm seasons. Now as summer comes to a close and fall begins I have the perfect excuse, and no longer have to have people asking if I am cold. Yes, the answer will most likely always be yes. Pairing a sweater and shorts together is great on a summer-into-fall day and I love me a good scarf any season. Make your way on over to Cuppajyo to see the deets about this fab look.

Free Printable Household Organizers

To do lists can really be time savers. I know personally when I write down things that need to get done and can go back and look at them it makes life so much easier. I also think it's great to write down things you need to buy as you run out. I don't even know how many times I have forgotten to get something I have run out of. While I love the function of these, they really caught my eye because they are so darn cute! To get the free printable slide on over to The Chic Home.

Fall Fashion

This look gives me a 70's vibe-in a good way. I personally like brown, but I wasn't sure about these pants at first glance. Then I scrolled back up and they grew on me just like that! I believe these are suede fabric, which is sooo soft. The geometric top gives a nice top and balances well with the tapered pant. This look is just the right ensemble for fall. Click on over to The Darling Detail to get where everything is from and more amazing style.

Best ever black bean burger (click through for recipe)

This isn't just your regular burger, this is a black bean burger. When I first heard of these type of burgers, I wasn't really feeling it that much. I mean beans in a burger?! Then over the weekend I had the black bean burger from Chili's and it was AMAZING. A lot of the times it's hard for me to find something relatively healthy when I go out to eat that I absolutely love. This burger is definitely going to be my regular now. I also want to attempt making this myself, and this recipe caught my eye. Head on over to A Beautiful Mess to make your own!

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I love me a good leather jacket when transitioning my wardrobe into fall. I have found a lot of good ones a Target over the years, and they always have them on sale on Black Friday. This outfit is a great for a brisk day/night and I love the detail in the skirt. Mosey on over to Not Your Standard to see where you can get all these goodies.

Little Girls Bedroom Ideas | decorating with what you have

I am in love with this room and really do wish it could be mine. Minus the baby table and chairs of course! I have so much stuff it my room that when I see rooms like this it literally makes me swoon. This is great for a little girl, but also is so simply it could be great for almost any age. Swing over to Coordinately Yours to get see more!


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