Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Favorites | May 12th 2014


I think everyone needs a reminder like this once a week, especially on a Monday. I have realized reading affirmations and quotes daily can really get your mind on positive vibes and thoughts. Head on over to Lovely Indeed to get your free desktop motivation today.

LuLu*s Fresh Spaces: DIY Vanity Tray at!

I am a sucker for any good piece of storage because I may have a slight problem with keeping things for a long period of time. Trays such as these can store so many things, or even display your most treasured possessions. Dash on over to LuLu's to learn how to make your own.

I recently stumbled across the most fabulous tea pot at Michael's and this has definitely charged me to go back and get it. Tea pots are not only a great source to store flowers indoors, but it also looks so darn cute. I think I am definitely going back and getting it-it's settled! Trot on over to Thirsty For Tea to get more tea pot bouquet ideas!

Handmade Store-bought Mother's Day Brunch

Now although Mother's Day is over it's never a bad idea to treat them (or even yourself) to breakfast in bed. I love this idea particularly because it's from Sonic but it looks homemade, tasty, and makes me want french toast sticks NOW. This is great if you just want to pamper your mom one day or even pamper yourself. Slide on over to The Proper Pinwheel to get the deets!

Pasta Salad with Arugula Pesto

I have to admit I love me some good pasta salad. This meal is so refreshing in the warmer weather months because it's so refreshing. I have been into trying new foods lately and have realized I actually like foods I thought I hated- like mushrooms. This pasta in particular is arugula pesto pasta salad and it looks scrumptious. Whip on over to Chilly Frosting to whip up this yummy looking meal.

High-waisted shorts and crop tops are the newest craze these days. Most on trend things tend to be the most expensive and high-waisted shorts are no exception. I have a more expensive pair form American Apparel and a $10 dollar pair form Love culture, so if you look around you can find some that are a pretty good price. If you don't have the patience or time to look for some make your own! Make you way on over to Wonder Forest to get the step-by-step!

Hope your enjoying the beginning of your week and Thanks for stopping by!

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