Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's In Your Bag?

Every summer I at least try to make a nice mini vacay away from home, even if it's for a weekend. I feel like some of my essentials change every year as I go different places and new trends come about, while some stay the same like sunscreen and sunglasses! This summer I hope I can make it somewhere warm, nice, and relaxing! What are your travel bag essentials? What places do you like to visit in the summer?

Travel Bag Essentials

1. Kimono: Kimonos are a hot commodity at the moment and there are so many to choose from! These are great for spring and summer because it's great for when you don't want an actual jacket, but is also good for the chillier  night time! I am in love with this one from H&M. I want this kimono like right now.

2. High-Waisted Shorts:High-Waisted shorts are on of my new favorite clothing items for those smoldering summer days. This is great to take on a trip because it can be worn on and off the beach and is great to pair with crop tops. I love mine from American Apparel and Forever 21!

3. Bathing Suit: Bathing suits are obviously a must if your taking a trip to the beach or somewhere with a pool. I have really been into the high waisted bottom trend. I don't really have a fancy for the cheeky bottoms. These are so comfy on the beach and still look cute without showing all the goods.I have a similar pair from Hollister that I am loving!

4. Floppy Hat: A floppy hat is so convenient to have when on trips because most likely your out on the town and in the sun. Floppy hats not only look oh so chic but also shield your face from the beaming sun. I haven't gotten mine own quite yet, but am determined to get one before summer!

5. Crop Top: Crop tops are a great trip essential because they can be styled so easy and effortlessy. Furthermore, crop tops are so small that you can usually fit so many in a suitcase. My crop top collection is slowly growing and I can't wait to  take them on a vacay. I have a similar one pictured above from Forever 21.

6. Flowy Dress: I love a nice simple dress for a vacation because it is so multipurpose. You can wear it to the beach as a cover-up, a day on the town, and even into the evening with a cute pair of wedges! Packing things that can be worn various ways saves space and keeps you from taking forever to choose an outfit. #Aintnobodygottimeforthat

7. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a must for the beach especially when you have no umbrella for shade. Sunglasses are always one of those items I debate taking on a trip, but always end up throwing in.I have some sunglasses that have been begging to be decked out like the ones above so stay tuned.

8. Jelly Shoes: If you have watched my haul then you know I am in love with these jelly shoes from Cotton On. I have deemed these travel essential worthy because they are super comfortable and easy to style.

9. Beach Bag:I think a beach bag is an essential for anybody during the summer, even if they aren't going on a trip. I love taking a beach bag because I don't really have to limit the things I take especially if it's an all day adventure. Some of my favorites to put in my beach bag are good snacks, water, and a good book.

10. Sunscreen:Sunscreen should just be a warm weather essential in general. Although I always forget to put it on at home, I usually remember to bring it on trips because I am outside more. I don't have a particular favorite brand, just something that does the job and smells good!


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