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| Ikea and Decorating on A Budget | May 1st 2014

I recently went to Ikea and let me tell you, I could stay in there all day! We were in there for 2 hours and we decided that we had to get out while we could. That was my first time in the store and I loved it because it's like a life-size doll house. It even has a restaurant, so I think they definitely intend for people to be there ALL day! Anyways, it got me thinking some cool ways to decorate on a budget, so I complied some ideas together and BAM brought them to ya!

But First some Ikea Goodness I captured:

I also bought my first piece of furniture! It's just a side night table (actually it's a kids frame for a play room, but this goes along with one of my tips) and it actually wasn't that hard to put together with some help. The frame was $30 dollars and the two wire baskets were $5 dollars each! Pretty good deal!

Now on to the intended program!

How to Decorate on a Budget! Tips and tricks for thrifting your way to a beautiful home! at
1. Use unintended objects for other things. I love to use objects that are meant for one thing and use them for something else. For example, these plates are being used for wall art. You can find plates like these at the Dollar Tree and paint is very inexpensive at craft stores. Also you can buy chalk board paint at Lowe's or a home improvement store and voila you have got an accent wall.

2. This wouldn't necessarily be under decorating but if your short on space use one room for more than one purpose. This room is being used as an office and a nursery, but you can combine a number of rooms to be multipurpose. This works well so you don't have to eliminate a room altogether like an office.

3. If you have been on Simply Worn for a while they you know I love me a good gallery wall. If your'e short on cash to actually buy a lot of decorations or paint create a gallery wall filled with your favorite things. If you have Photoshop you can edit your own images or you can just print ones that you like, or they can be actual objects. This eliminates actually having to buy art. Furthermore, frames can be found at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, etc.

4. If you have an old piece of furniture that you have considered taking to the Goodwill, try up-cycling it first; it usually cost less than buying a whole new piece. For example, this piece above looks like it was bought at Crate and Barrel but it was actually up-cycled! This can save money and lets you practice your diy skills.

Hopefully some of these helped and if you have a chance visit Ikea it's like the heaven of home goods!

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