Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Favorites | May 5th 2014

DIY TOMS with Instagram photos

I own a pair of Toms already and am in love with them! They are super comfortable and I have the black pair so they go with everything. I love this diy because it's actually pretty easy and allows you to be so original. I know your dying to do try this, so head on over to My Little Secrets to learn how!

I love this diy designer inspired jumper. It looks very similar to the original and has great pops of color for spring and summer. I definitely want to try this diy out, and if you do to head on over to Tuts+!

Need a Mother's Day gift idea? Well look no further because Minted Strawberry has the perfect pouch for that special woman you love. Zip on over there to see the how-tos and get the free text to put on your pouch as well. Also you can add this to different things such as totes and mini wallets.

A Cinco Celebration - The Darling Detail

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you! These outfits are great  inspirations for today and anytime! This just makes me want to get up and dance! You can never really go wrong with a good printed tee and cute brown sandals. Salsa on over to The Darling Detail to get the outfit deets!

blueberry cheesecake muffins

I don't even really like cheesecake but these look and sound so good! These are whole wheat, blueberry, cheesecake muffins; if that isn't a mouth full (pun-intended)! They look so moist and delicious, I bet they would be heaven in my mouth! Is your mouth watering to? If it is make a dash on over to Delicacious to whip up your own batch!

Hope you enjoying your day, and thanks for visiting!

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