Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Favorites: March 2nd

diy vintage rose jewelry box

Recently I have been finding so many mediums to place my jewelry in that I literally don't have enough jewery to fill them all. I love this box not only because it's a diy so it's customizable, but also because it has the felt holders inside (you will see what I am talking about when you visit the site) that makes finding jewelry ten times easier.  Skip on over to Almost Makes Perfect to make your own!

I love a good makeover and this house was transformed amazingly well. This is just the dining room, but you have to visit the site to check all the great transformation. What I really like is that every room has it's own personality and feel, but it all goes together. Head on over to Rambling Renovators to see lots more!

diy gem nightlight

I am a fan of night lights because nothing is worst than trying to make your way to the bathroom in the pitch black of night. This one is super unique and cool looking. If your gonna have a night light why not have a cool one?! Wanna light up your night? Take a look at Almost Makes Perfect because it has great post and ideas on it! 

So last semester I took Computer for Fashion and it was all about learning Photoshop and Illustrator. I went into it thinking it was going to be easy but it requires a lot of memorization and attention to detail. I still feel like I am a beginner on it! I love this post because it all starts at knowing the basics and if you know those it makes learning the rest a lot easier! If you have Photoshop definitely head over to Vanilla Craft Blog!

I love this bib necklace because it looks so elegant and expensive. I think I would feel like some kind of Egyptian queen in this. What's real interesting about this necklace is that it's made out of polymer clay! Again this can be customized to your liking and is fairly easy to do! Swing on over to Minted Strawberry to learn more!

I just think this table looks better than any store bought one. The fact that is hand made out of real wood is to live for! Obviously to make this would be some work, the finished product is most definitely worth it! visit 17 Apart to learn more and make your own!

Hope your enjoying your last day of relaxation before the week starts!

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