Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweet Living....

The key to decorating for a holiday like Valentine's Day is to add touches of things associated with it, but also things that "could" be for the holiday or just chic decor. It's probably easier to decorate for Valentine's if you already have the same color scheme of red and pink, but it can work!  Also keep in mind that if decorating for one room won't work try another! Take a look at my two Valentine's decor ideas, and hopefully I have given you some inspo!

Valentine's Decor #2

Red light / Beige rug, $935 / Faux fur throw / Sheer curtain / Wood home decor, $14 / Throw pillow / Metal wall art, $24 / H M linen throw pillow, $13 / Throw pillow / Red home decor / LSA International flower arrangement, $26 / Red Valentine Card, $6.44 / Yankee Candle christmas candle, $6.52 / Tufted sofa / Modern furniture

For a living space you can easily add little touches. By incorporating things you can use later on, you save money and don't have to retire new things that have only gotten a couple weeks use out of!

1. Add pillows they are the easiest way to dress a room up without changing it a lot.
2.Add a simple Valentine's Day card, it's decorative and inexpensive.
3.Another way to decorate is to add printable wall art in a pretty frame, it's super easy and interchangeable.
4. A candle can be a great little decor item, and can make it smell super sweet!

Valentine's Decor

Wool area rug, $870 / Peacock Alley linen bedding / White wall art / Modern home decor / OKA floral decor, $57 / LDF Silk ceramic home decor / Shabby chic storage box, $33 / ZENTS gray throw pillow / Pink home decor / Kelly Wearstler bronze sculpture / Jasmine candle / Ethan Allen king bed frame / Driade lacquer furniture, $3,780 / Noir table

For a bedroom, decorating can be a little more laid back because most likely not many people are going to see it. If you pick one color and stick with that color it makes it a little more cohesive.

1.Add pillows for the bedroom too!
2.Add a focal piece of wall art that can be associated with Valentines like love.
3.What says love more than flowers, fresh or fake their still fabulous.
4. Decorative boxes are great because they are super pretty and can store all your goodies!


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