Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekend Favorites.....

DIY embossed instragram business cards | claire zinnecker for camille styles

These are some fabulous embossed-photoed business cards. This is a sure way to add some personal touches and stand out. It could lead to endless possiblites and be the talk of the office. Head on over to Camille Styles to learn more!

DIY Tin Can Valentine's Votive | photo by Chad Wadsworth for Camille Styles

Valentine's Day is creeping up on us so if you haven't decorated yet, now is your chance! This unique tealight candle holder is super festive and vintage looking. It can also be used year round as well. Wanna light up your life? Strut on over to Camille Styles!

Keychain cord organizer DIY

I am always forever loosing my cords. Well I lose a lot of things in general, but you get the point. This is a diy cord organizer and it's oh so chic. If you really wanted to you could probably add a flap and use it as a key chain as well. Swing on over to Monsters Circus to learn the how to!

Fabric Paper Glue | Inspirational Hex Plaque

I am completely head over heels for easy diy's. The ones where you think, why didnt I think of that! This tray is super easy to make, inexpensive, super chic, and very customizable. Sweep on over to Fabric Paper Glue to learn more!

Following the trend of easy diy's is this modern tray. It's so inexpensive to make and can be used for multiple purposes. I just can't get over how well made it looks. To make one of your own head on over to Amy Kirst!


This instantly reminded me of Valentine's Day. Let's take a second to virtually indulge in the goodness of this cupcake.....AHH! So what's great about this cupcake is not only that it is beautiful and strawberry, but that is also gluten free...how about that! Whip on over to Meaningful Eats, where there are a ton more of gluten-free recipes!

Hope your feeling all the love this week and enjoying your week as well!

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