Friday, February 21, 2014

The White Boot | February 20th| #OOTD

So it all started when I took a trip to Pacsun for the buy 1 get 2 free sale. I figured it would be good to get three pair of jeans, since I wear them a lot. I ended up getting three pair for $57 dollars, which I was told was a steal! Any who one pair didn't fit so I took it another Pacsun, where I found a pair to replace them, and when I was leaving I saw these white boots. I was beside myself because they were so not my normal buy, but were so fierce! I ended up leaving them because I wasn't sure and had been there far to long. 

Cutting this far to long story short I found the white boots at a third Pacsun for $20 dollars, where at the other one they were $50! I have been looking for a pair of cutout boots, that weren't pointed toe because it makes my feet look bigger, and that's why I love these. These boots are surprisingly comfortable and round-toed! 
If your looking for a great boot make sure to hit up your local Pacsun because they had a collection of boots for $20.00 (not sure if it is still on). Also these are no longer on the website only in store.

Vest- Cotton On | $10.00
Sweater- Forever 21| $24.00
Leggings- Target| $8.00
Shoes- Pacsun| $20.00
Bracelet-Cotton On| $2.00
Ring-Macy's| $2-3 


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