Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Favorites.....

DIY Mirror Jewelry Wall Hangers

Have a lot of jewels, but nowhere to hang them? Fear no more, with this cool, inexpensive and easy diy. You only need about 3 items to make one! I really like this because it doesn't break the bank, but is also a chic decorative piece. To learn more head on over to Homey Oh My!

Nothing is better than waking up to a positive statement or reformation. This is really easy to do as well as making your morning a little bit better or even making your sleep a little more peaceful. Visit Sugar and Cloth to make this positive diy.

LuLu*s Fresh Spaces: DIY Upcycled Containers at!

Nothing is more refreshing than taking things in your own home and up-cycling them. My favorite has to be the scalloped apparel container. Want to learn what products to up-cycle and how? Mosey on over to LuLu's.

Flower color giving guide - Henry Happened
Even though Valentin'es day is over that doesn't mean you can't stop giving or getting flowers! I love this little guide from Henry Happened because personally I never knew what flower colors meant, except roses of course. Make sure to keep this handy when flower shopping, and also go visit the post along with this to see how to take care of your flowers.

When it gets closer to spring I always feel the urge to wear pastel colors. My colors this coming spring are definitely a Tiffany blue and pale pink. This color is definitely one of the colors I love to have on my nails, anytime really. Visit Le Zoey Musings to learn how to make this pretty color on your own!

Hope your enjoying the beginning of your week! Just remember each day is a day closer to Friday!

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