Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your Wearing What?

We come up with new names for everything these days. Gaup is the new rich, swag is the new stylish, weak is the new funny, lipdub is the new lip syncing, pwned is the new owned, cray is the new crazy, hundo p is the new hundred percent, and the list goes on and on. How does this pertain to fashion you ask? Well here is the good stuff! Many times we wear and buy clothes but we don't actually know the correct terms for. I know that when I say "Oh you know that dress that has one side going that one way and the other side a different way," I am talking about an asymmetrical dress,but others may not. So here is a handy dandy pocket list of some dress types for you to use when dealing with those peeps who never have a clue what your talking about.

Sheath-"that dress that hangs from your body"
Formal Definition- A garment that has no waistline; hangs loose from the shoulder

Jenny Packham's line here
Vera Wang's line here

Blouson-"That dress with the billowy top"
Formal Definition- A dress with a loose gathered waist
Reem Acra line here
Max Mara line here

Coat Dress-"A coat expect it's a dress"
Formal Definition- Garment of heavy material; closes in front like a coat
Giambattista Valli's line here

Carven line here
Asymmetrical-"The dress with the mismatch sides"
Formal Definition- Garment that has two sides that don't match
Lanvin line here
Dior's line here

A-line-"There is a skirt with the same name"
Formal Definition- Garment that is narrow at the top and goes out towards the bottom

Chloe's line here
Lisa Perry line here
Now click that print button and let those dolls know you got your stuff down pack!

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