Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fall into Fall

Fall may be a long time away but it sure is present on the runway! Many designers have busted their chops and brought us some of the best stuff to date! I wanna be in the know and I am sure you do to, so here are my favorite looks for this upcoming fall season!

Vera Wang

I think what got me is the gloves, it's made like there supposed to be there, like they should be there, and that ladies and gents is utter genius. Oh and well Vera's just my homie in general.
Check out more of the line here


I definitely love the effortless mix between feminine and masuline here. It gives me a seventies vibe and let's just say I am digging it. Click here for more!

Matthew Williamson

A look always wins in my book when you can picture yourself wearing the clothes in everyday life. I literally just pictured myself winning an award (not sure for what) in that  dress. View line here.

Roksanda Ilincic

when I look at this it feels like things I haven't seen, basically something fresh and new. The pleated pants, origami hats,  and OMG that canary gown, all an A+ in my book. View line here.


When I first saw this look it made me think of a war goddess  A woman who is warrior and princess at the same time, I love the  idea. It takes you back in time to an era where it all here to see more!


I stumbled upon this line one day and ever since I have loved everything that has been presented. I feel Guillaume Henry hits the mark every time! This line reminds me of that cool British school girl that you never knew you could be, but now you can. With the draping,  on point patterns, and unique shapes it is definitely something to live for! To see this awesomeness click here!


I like the color palette for this line. I think it meshes well with the pant types and over sized coats. Snaps to Iceberg for a job well done. Click here for a chill!

Luisa Beccaria

Elegance is bliss so Luisa Beccaria is very blissful! Elegance, grace, presence, is what I feel throughout the line. I just want to put that blue dress on and wear it all the time. Click here to see more!

Gabriele Colangelo

I feel like this line is a refreshing take on a lady pantsuit. It is has clean, precise, lines and pleated pants. It looks well made, well thought out, and something I wanna buy. To check it out click here.

Paul and Joe

I LOVE this, it's so different, and I love different! It reminds me of the KungFu Panda movie except girl style. It just makes me wanna put on all these closes and pull out a Judy Chop. Lets just say this is a kick away from #1 on my list. Check out more here!

Fall is still a time away, of course we still have summer and spring to tend to but who says you can't plan your wardrobe 8 months I always say do whatever you want...unless it's illegal then you should probably hold off....

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