Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Break Open that Piggy Bank

I love Forever 21 as much as the next person but it is a little bit of a ways out from where I live to go to as much as I would like. That’s where online shopping comes in! You can almost find anything you’re looking for online, but the real problem is what to buy and who to buy from. When buying online try searching Google to find out about people who have previously purchased from them before or read the actual reviews on the items. Most sites are legit but doing this can give you a little more comfort when buying with credit or debit cards online. Here are some stores they I have either bought from or read enough reviews to maybe try it out.

This store kind of reminds me of a smaller Forever 21. It sells apparel, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. I have actually ordered from them before and had no problems at all. I ordered some spiked wedges from here and they came in a nice box, wrapped neatly, and even a Thank You card! The only thing was that it took a long time to arrive, like 2 weeks, but it was because of a big storm so really that it wasn't that bad. I would definitely order from this site again and recommend you try it out!
  •          Shipping-$0-$25=$6.00; $25-$49.99=$8.00 (if you want to see higher prices you can view them here)
  •         Accepts- PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express cards and money Orders

Shoes I ordered

  You have probably heard of UrbanOutfiitters they are not only an online store but have stores in various locations. I have also ordered from them and it was a very good experience! I ordered a purse and it arrived in a decent time ( I think like 7 days?).  Also can I note that one time I did the Christmas card thing and won a $25.00 dollar gift card! (#winning- especially because I never win ANYTHING!)To me their vision is like retro, mixed with vintage, mixed with awesomeness! I will go out on a limb and say they are a baby bit expensive to me, but I am frugal so that probably explains that. Anyways I would recommend them especially since they sell apparel, jewels, accessories, shoes, furniture, and some really cool nic-knacks.
  •     Shipping-Free shipping on orders over $50! (To see the rates click here!)
  •     Accepts-Most common cards to see more options click here!
Briefcase bag I ordered
   You may or may have heard of this sassy company. They of course sell shoes but also some apparel, accessories, and jewelry. You actually have to sign up with the site to actually buy shoes, but the good thing is, is that you don't have to pay each month. This is good especially if you don't want to buy anything that month which I know some other sites do. I only bought from them once but  the two pair of shoes I got are very lovely! I actually got one as a gift to my mom and the other pair for me. The shoes came in a nice box and were packaged very nicely it also came with a little bag to put them in! How clever! So I would  recommend you sign up with them if you are willing to pay the 39.95 or higher. Also a side note they sometimes put $5 dollars in your account for you to use!
Buying-Basically most of the shoes are 39.95 and for that you get free shipping (Until March then you will have to spend 49.95). Some shoes are more expensive and some are less if on sale or clearance. 
  Shipping-Shipping is free for 39.95 products till March then it will be 49.95 for free shipping, otherwise you have to pay $4.95. 
 I personally don't like the change because i'm frugal (sadly) but the shipping isn't really that much if you think about it.   I will say that what will probably keep me is the quality and variety of styles. So for now a loyal customer I will be!

This is the box and one pair of the shoes I bought

I just ordered something online from them yesterday for the first time! I was a little eerie because the denim vest I got was final sale but I thought it was worth it. I know some people who have ordered from them and they are pretty good, and I also have shopped in the real store many times and I love their affordable prices and variety of jewelry and clothes. It has a mix of all different styles and you can mostly likely find what your looking for so I would definitely recommend if your a savvy shopper or just looking for cute duds!
  • Shipping-Free shipping on orders over $50! To see others click here!

Vest I ordered

So these are the stores I have ordered but I do I have a few that seem good and that I would like to try!


I haven't bough anything but this shop just seems so rad. I just like the whole vibe it portrays, but anyways definitely head over there and check it out!


Nastygal is something I stumbled upon one day. I think the real cool thing is the story behind the business and the creator. They have lots of vintage items which is different than what is normally seen. They are kind-of pricey in some areas but then again they have high end items such as Litas. I havent ordered from here but I would recommend checking them out. I have read mixed reviews from people ordering items from there.  The reviews  go either really good or just plain bad not really in the middle. I would still try it once though to get my own perspective. I will note that if you order from a different country that you will probably have to pay a parcel fee.

So now you know a couple more places to shop, treat yourself!

(All thoughts of blog owner; not affiliated with any of the sites listed)

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