Monday, January 28, 2013

Tame that Mane

A woman's hair is sometimes her favorite accessory. Whether it be up,down,on the side, and in between, it can serve as the cherry on top to an outfit or the start to a great day! I'm gonna let you in on the hairdos of the new season and hopefully you'll try one out and love it!


The low pony has been around for ages! When people think of low ponies they usually don't think of high fashion but now you can rock it and feel good about it!

Rochas Spring 2013


 A side part is a great go-to style when you want to have a sleek, chic, all-around look. The best part about a side part is that, unlike a middle part it doesn't have to be just right so you can part and go!


Waves! Not the hand wave but those effortlessly looking hair waves. With Spring and Summer right around the corner it's just the right time to break out those beach waves and maybe even the surf board.




Versace Spring 2013


We wear them on our arms, ankles, fingers ,toes, ears, nose,wrists, and more but now we have them in the best! Accessorize your hair this season with an array of jewels, prints, and all in between!

So there are a few of the hair top trends for 2013! Take a step out of the box and dibble in dabble in the different styles to find out what fits you and your style!

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