Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bring out the Best

I think many people wonder what they should wear to make them feel and be the best them. Hear are a few tips on how to bring out your best assets.

Tall and Thin

Tall and Thin woman! AKA model! I bet you are already looking oh so fabulous and rocking that runway but here is a tip to jot down.$61.00
-If your tall and thin choose a gathered skirt to accentuate your waist and pair this with a over sized sweater to  add volume to your smaller frame.
COSMIC - Mini skirt - purple in UK) 

Short and Thin

I think I fall under this category who knows...any who short and thin woman you are AMAZING! I bet you rock those heels that make you feel and look a little bit taller (I know I try)!
Rock and Republic Berlin Tie-Dye Skinny Jeans$50.00
-If short and thin choose a nice flowy tank. It accents your small frame while giving it a little sense of lightness. Pair this with colorful pants, blue, green, yellow, red, peach, you name it! The color in your pants will pop and make your legs look longer!$32.00

Tall and Curvy

Tall and Curvy woman! Girl I see you working it on the streets your confidence is through the roof and I LOVE IT!
-If this is you, you can rock an asymmetrical dress. This will proportion you in all the right places and flow effortless  and if your looking for something that will give you a smaller waist, this will do the trick!$80.00

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