Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Wear

In most places this time of the year the cold has busted in! Many including myself find it hard to dress for winter because you want to look good but still be warm.  I took some good winter looks to give you a little inspiration.

House.Pl Sweater, Schaffashoes.Pl Shoes
A good staple to have in the cold weather is a scarf, not only to keep your neck warm but it also serves as a good accessory. I am really into scarves this season for some reason  in all seriousness I have bought like 5 new ones in the past 3 months. A good infinity scarf always goes good with a top bun. The knitted cardigan adds warmth while the plaid and motorcycle boots compliments it.

New Yorker Pants, H&M Jacket, No Name Beanie, No Name Scarf, New Yorker Boots, No Name Watch, No Name Bracelets
I have a total of 3 leather jackets, if were being truthful here I wish I had more! I have to black ones and one brown,  but I really like the cream one pictured. A good staple to have that you can style a lot of different ways would definitely be a leather jacket. I love the added accessory of the bomber hat and the infinity scarf. If I had longer hair I would definitely wear more hats like that. Also remember that accessories don't necessary have to be jewelry it can be hats, scarves,gloves, and etc. I do love the layered bracelets which was a trend from 2012 carried into 2013.

Vintage Coat, Giorgio Armani Jeans, H&M Bowler, Topshop Boots
Now I don't own any boyfriend jeans but I really want some! I can't find the right ones that are the price I am willing to pay. Note that just because they are seen a lot in warmer weather doesn't mean you can't style them for a different season. I think they add dimension to the outfit considering the pea coat, which is just utter fabulous. I love the added touches with the overly sized glasses and the fold-up rimmed hat.

Parka, Shirt, Boots
Army, dark green are just some colors I have seen appear more in the past year. Personally I didn't know about it at first but after seeing it styled in various ways it grew on me! Of course we have to have the scarf to keep our necks warm especially for those singing sensations. I think the layering of the denim is a smart idea because it acts as another jacket without really being one. the peak of the necklace adds that elegant touch and is polished off with a thick heeled bootie.

Romwe Blouse And Skirt
One of the things I actually like about cooler weather is....leggings! They are a good thing to go with if you wear jeans all the time and wanna try something new or just prefer not to wear jeans, which I wear ALMOST everyday. The leather skirt and gold studs really plays off the decorative collared shirt, and its longed sleeve so you don't get those horrible chill bumps. Don't forget that cute little kitty which is always the best accessory of all. If you normally don't wear tights or are skeptical of wearing them in the winter, note that if your going somewhere that's mostly inside your legs are less likely to be branded by the cold. 

Old Navy Scarf, Aldo Bag, Forever 21 Shoes
I just had to add this. It had all my favorites- infinity scarf, cardi, cotton tee, and leggings. Oh and those gorg booties.
When I saw this it reminded me of a cool British style maven. I love talking in my British accent because its amazingly lovely. So everything about this look I love and it just looks completely effortless.

Scarf, Bag, Pullover
Here again you can see the army type jacket pictured, with fur lining. Can't forget the handy dandy scarf either. The sweater is fun and looks comfy and is not hidden by the jacket or scarf. Which reminds me if you wear a shirt or anything that is completely covered you can wear it again, why ruin a good outfit that no one even got a chance to see. Just like jeans can be worn more than once before you wash them. 

Zara Coat, Zara Jeans, Mango Shoes
What really made me like this look was the jeans. I can't tell if there flare or skinny but they look kind of flair which is so awesome because now-a-days many people stick to skinny jeans (me) and someone who can rock flair or something like it-pure genius! I also love the monochromatic look of the scarf and sweater.

Zara Neon Sweater, Zara Fringed Leather Skirt
Layering is the best! The orange sweater is such a POP! While the feather skirt is like a WOW! Who says you cant wear bright colors in the winter and look fly.
So the first look I love the denim jacket, I always wanted one and a leather vest. It's big enough  to keep you warmer but doesn't swallow her, all about proportion dolls. The shorts add figure while the collar adds a bit of elegance.

The second outfit just looks so comfy! It's simple and still has that impact that makes you want to imitate it. They say beauty is pain, but you don't always have to be in pain to be beautiful.
Who says you cant wear white after labor day, it's a free country wear whatever you want! The look is very clean and definitely reminds me of winter. The side satchel and the strapped heels definitely add that femnine touch that is sometimes sought after.

H&M Hooded Sweater, Minkpink Shawl, H&M Pseudo Camo Pants, Acne Admires, C/O Vanessa Mooney Choker
The army look appears in this outfit but it's definitely well done. it doesn't overwhelm everything and there is not to much of it. the scarf/shawl adds as a defender against the bitter cold and a scarf is worn as a head piece. 

Red Sweater, Black Pants, Bracelet   Leaf, Boots
Black jeans can take the place of leggings if you prefer or dont want to wear them. They can go with almost anything because, well there black. The sweater and collared neck add a touch of warmth and color. The feather ring adds wistfulness also.
Velvet has made a dramatic comeback and I think it's great for a winter wardrobe. I don't know if I could personally pull it off just something about it...but she does it so gracefully. It's kept simple with a white button up and a green winter coat (do I see a trend?)!

This looks reminds you that you don't have to wear color to be chic. The pemplum top is leather which has popped up on the new trends and the design added makes it more noticeable between the blacks. It's great for winter! 
American Apparel Midnight Disco Pants
Just like cotton/spandex leggings these liquid leather ones are a great trade in for jeans. They are thicker than legging-leggings but still give you that feel. The Chanel sweater-tee adds a simple contrast with the striped tobagan and thick heeled shoes.

United Colors Of Benetton Beanie, Acne Scarf, Mango Coat, Zara Sweater, Zara Jeans, Bianco Boots, Missoni Bag
This look is great because potentially many people of any age can pull it off. It's great for a student or even a mom on the go. The shoes look comfortable, the sweater is throw-on  effortless, and the knitted scarf and white beanie  add an it's cold outside touch.

Asos Coat, Maison Martin Margiela Jeans, River Island Boots
first can I say that these gold heels are amazing! Before even looking at the outfit I bet the first thing that caught your eye was theses AMAZING shoes! Moving up, the rolling up of the jeans is a great way to make them versatile and I like the light wash of them against her light skin tone. Layering is also a great way to stay warm. the red sweater brings out the lines of red in the plaid while the cardigan pulls all of it together. Don't forget those beige gloves, not only do they look chic but I bet you didn't see them at first glance:)

Lcw Beret, H&M Mint Green Jumper
Again here we see another layering outfit, if you have a shirt that has a collar or you want to be seen but don't want to wear it alone put a sweater with a v-neck to let it peak out. The button up shirt that's peeking out really ties in with the leather jeans ans the suede booties. Also can I add that i love her bag. Satchels are so my thing...

I hope these gave you a little inspiration to spice up your winter wardrobe and if it's already spiced, well kudos to you sister! 

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