Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Favorites | June 23rd 2014

How fancy is this fridge?! I think gold stripping a white plain fridge is a great way to spice up a kitchen. If you can't attain stainless steel appliances this is a great way to make a refrigerator look not so boring. Head on over to The Every Girl to see the rest of Ruth Eileen's home tour.

Flower Purse

I am loving this floral clutch, and I don't even carry clutches that much. This clutch is great for parties over the summer because it's super duper cute, and who wants to keep up with a huge purse at a party anyways. Fake flowers have so many purposes it's ridiculous! Want to bloom up your purse swag? Make your way on over to Design Improvised to make your own. 

I have 2 chambray shirts and I am in LOVE with them. If I could get away with wearing them everyday I would. These are super great to have in your closet because they go great with other denims and can be used for layering. I have one from Old Navy and another one from Walmart and I love them both! To see the rest of the outfit slide it on over to The Pink Wings.

Before and after 

The clean sleek white look is really doing it for me right now. It's super simple and fresh and makes it easier to incorporate pops of color. This is also such a transformation from the how it looked before, such an improvement, in a good way! To see the whole transformation scoot on over to Oh Everything Handmade!

Of course I can't do a weekend favorites post without some floral crowns. They are perfect for summer's  and I am in love with them! You can honestly buy theses, but it's hard to find really full ones that are inexpensive. If you make your own you can customize it how you want and tell people you made it-it's a win-win! Move it on over to Sassy Sparrow to get the deets!

Plan B anna evers DIY pineapple smoothie-

I really want to make my own smoothies, but the past few times I have made them they didn't taste good- at all. This pineapple smoothie sounds and looks so delicious I think I am going to have to try my hand at making smoothies again. It has coconut in it, which I am really not a fan of, but I can always try it and modify it. For the directions on this yummy drink head on over to Plan B.


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