Friday, June 20, 2014

Floral Arrangement DIY | June 20th 2014

Hey  guys! So today I have a diy I was super excited about doing for the longest time. There are probably a lot of variations of this on the web, but I adapted this idea from LagunaBeachLove10 on YouTube and she has awesome diys. This diy fake water vase was super easy and the actual labor takes like 30 minutes. This is a great alternative to real flowers because they have to be replaced so frequently, even though they are soo pretty. I will definitely be doing this again and I actually think I have enough solution to one more arrangement. #score 

What You Need:
+ Silk flowers of your choice (I choose these because they had thick stems that look realistic)-Michael's (Use Retail Me Not for coupons on this and water)
+ Simulated Water-Joann's
+ Mason Jar/ Vase-Michael's

What You Need Based off Simulated Water (Follow directions on specific brand)
+ Gloves
+ Disposable container
+ Disposable Stirring Device

+ Take flowers off of stem so you can arrange them how you want and so it looks more realistic!

+ Stir the solutions together for the allotted time on box, and then pour mixture carefully into desired vase/jar.

+ Arrange flowers how you want, you have enough time, so don't fret. You then have to let it sit overnight.
Then Wala you have a new floral arrangement that will last a lifetime!


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