Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend Favorites | June 16th 2014

Baked fruit 3 ways

How scrumptious do these look?! I think they look delish and what's even better is that they are healthier options for a tasty treat. Pictured are grapefruits, peaches and apples of course. If you want the recipes on how to make these treats head on over to A Beautiful Mess.


The summer is all about getting dressed up and going to parties. It's not here quite yet but you catch my drift. This outfit screams summer to me, it's colorful, fun, and how can you not notice those metallic pumps! Head on over to one of the new blogs on my read list: Pink Peonies.

Citrus Rainbow Hexagon Wall @ Vintage Revivals
DIY Makeover Ideas for Teenage Girl's Bedroom

How amaze balls is this little girls room?! If I could go back to being a kid, I definitely could live with something like this.  I could actually go for my room looking like this now, just saying. You have to go check out the rest of the room on Vintage Revivals! Also check out this amazing room for her other daughter. I seriously can't get enough! I am room struck, if that's a thing. Head over to this link here to see this room as well!

Neissa Brown Springmann | Photo by Nicole Mlakar

I always find it super cool to see what people are eating, because well I love to eat to. I have learned over the past couple of months that eating healthy can taste good and be fun. I have stuck to the fact that if something is healthy, but my taste buds aren't feeling it I will not be eating or drinking it. I thought this post was cool because you get to look into  fitness guru Neissa Brown's eating rituals. This is in no way saying you should eat like she does because everyone's different, but try some new combinations! If you want to see the weekly journal head on over to Camille Styles!
P.S.- I am personally down for trying the turkey burger loaded with veggies and sweet potato fries! YUM!

Jogger pants are SO comfortable. It's an acceptable way to wear pants that could be pajamas but aren't. I love this outift because it's not just all black and white, it's paired with be beige which I don't think I would have done but looks really well put together. What to see more details close up? Slide on over to La Petite Noob!

If you guys weren't aware I have a serious obsession with potatoes. I am pretty sure I eat potatoes almost everyday, not in every meal of course (aka:breakfast), but if I could I would! The obsession is so real when I saw these potatoes my mouth started to water! Don't they look super crispy and good! Head on over to Hey Wanderer to get the deets to these scrumptiously looking potatoes.


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