Friday, June 13, 2014

Wedding Obsessed | June "Friday the 13th" 2014

I feel like I hear about a new couple getting married every week and I am wedding obsessed! I think I may have missed my calling as a wedding planner because it just seems like loads of fun to me. From choosing the venue, flowers, food, music, dresses, hair and all that jazz; it gets me super excited. I am warning you now if you see quite a few wedding post in the future this is why! One of the most popular wedding themes this season is vintage, which is one of my favorites as well, I can't get enough! Today I am showing you my favorites for a vintage wedding. What kind of weddings are your favorites?


When I think of vintage 3 things come to mind.
1. Lace
2. Color
3. Old mixed with new
What comes to mind when you think of vintage?

P.S.- Happy Friday 13th!BOO!

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