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Trending: At the Bohemian Wedding | June 9th 2014

Spring and Summer are THE seasons for weddings. Each wedding that a couple share is usually unique to them, which means you can go to weddings with a different number of themes. To help you on the many themes of weddings I thought I would put together a mini guide on what to wear to to different types and/or themes of weddings. 

First up on the list is the bohemian wedding. Bohemian in general gives me a warm weather vibe so it's no surprise it's a hot commodity for wedding themes.

The Bohemian Wedding

SN:I always wondered if it was acceptable to wear white to a wedding where the bride isn't wearing it. Some say yes some say no, but we will just keep it on the safe side and go bold like the bride. 

1. Bohemian is well known, in my opinion for being very free and laid back. This green dress says bohemian in a more dressed up fashion. 

2. Take in "there" with a pair of monochromatic sandals that have that chunky heel for comfort.

3.Don't forget to add some accessories! Remember that we want to look good, but not enough to upstage the bride or bring to much attention to us; it's the brides day not ours. I am loving the coin accessory trend it's very old/new chic.
4. Can't forget the sun hat. This accessory is great at any outdoor wedding, but really gives off the classic vintage vibe!

5. Nothing says bohemian more than loose "effortless-looking" curls and a head-wrap. Keep it chic, simple, and bring a hair-bow to tie it up if you get to hot; the headband makes it still look tres-chic!

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