Friday, March 14, 2014

Happily Wed Series: Not Just a Table

I love blogging about fashion but I also love talking about an array of other things to. I thought it would be cool to do different series like room-spiration and now the happily wed series. So hopefully I can give you some inspiration and you like the variety of this and way more ideas to come! Now onto the post.

 Weddings are so lovely because what's not more romantic than two people professing their love to each other. I think spring and summer weddings are the most popular because you can have weddings in a lot of beautiful places and spaces. Today I am giving you a little bit of table inspo. How the wedding table looks is almost as important as how all the other decor looks. Also, you can dress up your table for more than weddings, like graduations, dinner parties, or even just because.

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