Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekend Favorites...

Before I decided I wanted to do fashion, which was when I was way younger and looked like I got dressed in the dark, I really loved interior design. I still love it and that's one of the reasons you will see it on the blog tons. Also, Valentine's is over but there are such good Valentine's diys that I had to add one or two in here because, why not, so with that said, my weekend favorites!

I am such a sucker for a good house, and this is a good house. I can't exactly pin point my decor style, I just either like something or I don't, which kind of goes with my fashion style sometimes as well. Visit Tech Ne (it's in a different language but your browser should ask you to translate) and definitely go check out the rest of the pictures it's super pretty and so well decorated.


Breakfast I think has to be my favorite meal of the day, very close to lunch I might add. I love waffles, pancakes, and french toast the list goes on! I also love flowers because they are pretty and smell good, need I say more? Just go check out this cute brunch photo shoot on Lauren Kelp, right now!

DIY Patterned Cloth Napkins

I love diys so easy that you wish you would have thought of it yourself. The chic looking napkin is made with cloth napkins and fabric markers, how easy and fun does that sound?! Lots to me, if you want to make your own flip on over to The Sweetest Occasion!


I have been looking for inexpensive jars like this obviously to put all my junk in. These are super cut and she has used them so wisely. What I love even more? She got them for a $1.70. Also head on over to Quite Quaint to see her closet makeover!

Reading textbooks can get boring and it honestly makes me super fatigued. I have been getting back into reading and picked up some books from the library. Before I go to the library I go to Good Reads and look up books that I think would interest me and check them out. This book is a good case of don't judge a book by it's cover or title. In short it's about a woman who's ex writes about dating a "large woman" in a magazine, her of course, but it goes way deeper.  It was a great read for me ( I finished it in 5 days) and hopefully for you too!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are having a great evening!


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