Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Favorites...

I feel like the weekend just flies bye! One minute it's Friday and the next it's Sunday night, and alas back to the daily grind! I always love to think of things to come, which definitely makes the week go way faster!  Enough with my jabbering intro, without further adieu my weekend favorites from me to you!

This is so ironic that I stumbled upon this because I was just looking for a new background for my phone. I have to say I am liking team iphone better than team android, it offers things that I personally just didn't get from my old phone. What's cool about this is not only that it's chic, but you can go download it now! If you have a 4 or 5 (probably 5s as well) head on over to Only Deco Love!

Gold Leaf Jewelry Tray with Jewelry

This diy is super instructional and easy, which are best the words to hear about a diy. Just with 4 materials you can create this master piece to serve multiple purposes. It looks great as a jewelry holder, but also could be used on coffee tables or bedsides! To learn how to make this gorg gem head over to Homey Oh My!

diy printable calendar for instagram prints on 

With the new year already in full throttle, it's the perfect time to have materials that can help you keep track of time. What's even better is this diy Instagram calendar. It not only serves a purpose, but also provides  a beautiful picture of your very own. I think it's really unique and would definitely make me use my calendar more. To get this easy step-by-step go visit Alice & Lois!

Felt Cartoon Heart Pillow Tutorial (Couch Pillows)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and what better way to decorate for it than a handmade pillow by you! It does require sewing, but from experience I think pillows are one of the easier things to make. Also you could give this as a Valentine's gift for someone to use for the rest of February or even all year round. To make this heart pumping pillow hop on over to Believe & Inspire!

DIY wire ring

I love rings they can spice up your look, your hand, and even your nail art. These are super chic and can be made easily by you. Diy ring jewelry is a great alternative if you can't find one that fits your ring size, or want to have different level rings. Scoot on over to Yes Missy to learn how to make this chic ring, and just in time for February!


Saving my week favorite for last, I just can't say enough about Martin Luther King Jr. I can't imagine where not only I would be, but us as a society without his impact on changing  the world. Remember his works, his words, and his heart because those are the things we can hold onto to continue to make greater changes to the world!


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