Friday, August 2, 2013

"Backpacking It"

Hey guys! So back to school shopping is in full swing and one of the most important essentials is a backpack! I love shopping for backpacks every school year, and last year I had a British flag one (I am obsessed with British accents "would you like a crumpet?!") and sadly the top strap broke because I carry my life in it. #oops. Any who this year I needed one for my laptop so I had to get a huge one. Once I get all my things for school I will try to make a video about all that good stuff! You lovelies who are out of school have not been forgotten! Backpacks are one of the new bags this season, so go ahead and pick one up to! 

"Back To School"

"Back To School" by dantidoll featuring a zipper bag

So I split up the styles into three different parts!

1. First is the mini, mostly for those who aren't using it for school and just carrying it with the essentials! It works because it's small, light weight, and can be carried on your back!

2. Second is the trendsetter. It gets it's name because I see a lot of backpacks that are shaped box like, and close and open like the one pictured. This is similar to my British one and  can carry school things. It can also be worn out on everyday/night outings because it's fun and who doesn't want to carry fun on their back?!

3. Lastly is the basic, which is the handy dandy, regular sized, zip up bag. The basic has not failed to grab everyone attention this season. It comes in denim, colorful rainbows, and all that jazz. I really like the basic because it keeps it more secure and safe and makes it harder for people to dig their hands in your bag and "borrow a piece of gum" #ithappens. This is great for school since it's light weight, easy to carry, and can most of the time fit what you need. It's great for regular day wear also because it's light weight and can be handy for trips to the beach, zoo, or even outlet malls.

So here are a few of the different styles, and where you can get them NOW!
Solid Handbag w/Pink Base - Black
Black/ Pink base backpack- $26.99
Basic from Target

Street-Chic Backpack (enticing name right!)-$27.80
Mini ( I think..) from Forever 21

PINK Mini Backpack-$26.50
Mini & Trendsetter

Victoria's Secret Studded Backpack
PINK Studded Backpack-$59.50
The Trendsetter

JANSPORT Superbreak Backpack
Jansport Superbreak backpack-$34.99
 (who comes up with these names? I would like that job...)
The Basic from Tilly's

So hopefully you got inspired and remember that you don't have to be a student to carry a backpack this season! SN: I uploaded a post about Ballin On a Budget and the video was not working but it should be now should go watch that:)

"Backpack,Backpack! Backpack, Backpack! On the backpack loaded up with things and knickknacks too! Anything that you might need I got inside for you!"

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