Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Favorites | June 30th 2014

Fancy Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I have always loved cheese! Sharp cheddar, regular cheddar, provolone, feta, blue cheese and just a few of my favorite cheeses. Which leads me to this mouth-watering sandwich above- the grilled cheese. How good does this look?! Doesn't this make you want to go make one right now?! This is a fig, almond butter and cheese grilled cheese sandwich, and I have never had figs or almond butter but it looks soo good. Head on over to A Beautiful Mess to make this tasty entree. 

I am such a pants type of person but I have really been getting into skirts and shorts for summer. This textured skirt is to live for in my book. The detail on this skirt is so pretty and can be dressed up or down easily depending on where your going. Also I am loving the color super chic. Head on over to La Petite Noob to see the whole sha-bang.

Alaina Kaczmarski's Chicago Apartment Tour #theeverygirl

Open shelving has become a really big thing in kitchens these days. I think it's fun especially if you have colorful dinnerware and appliances. Also, I think open shelving makes you keep things neat and tidy. This isn't exactly open shelving, but I am digging this baker rack storage. To see more scoot on over to The Every Girl,  the apartment is a must see!

I literally love the inside of this house and I really didn't want to spam you with every single room. I just decided to pick the gorg outside and let you delve into the fabulous-ness of this house yourself. If you want to see more (I know you do!) move it on over to Young House Love! This is one of my favorite home blogs by the way.

I have been really getting into nail design, but some are so tricky for a beginner like me. I picked this as one of my faves because it's simple, easy, and pretty. I am loving that blue color, actually almost any pastel  this  season. To get a couple more nail ideas make your way on over to Adventures In Fashion!

My favorite baked french fry method

These are brown sugar, oven-baked fries. Let's just take a moment to let that sink in. Ok now that your mouth is watering, lets talk about these. These look and sound like heaven in my mouth. These obviously aren't the healthiest thing, but they aren't fried, so that's a plus! Want to make this with that delish grilled cheese? Shimmy on over to A Beautiful Mess!

Hope your enjoying your start to the week, and thanks for visiting!


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