Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Favorites | March 24th 2014

Spring has finally sprung! Just knowing it's spring and that the weather will be warmer soon just puts me in a jolly good mood. Hope you all are enjoying the start to your week and remember life is what you make it, so get out there and be the best you! 

Nothing says spring more than a good looking planter. Planters like these probably can be purchased, but it feels really good to make something yourself and may end up being less expensive. This is one of the easiest diy's I have seen and it's tres chic. Trot on over to Hank & Hunt to make this gorg plant home!

Download this free printable "Gosh Donut" tag & make your morning a whole lot sweeter!

I have been seeing so many donut inspired clothing lately. While I do love a good donut shirt nothing beats the real thing. Donuts are like heaven in my mouth, especially the glazed ones from Wawa. Yumm! Any-who donuts are a great treat to take to parties because they taste good and are easy to eat. Want to spice up your donuts with  this cool straw tag diy? Roll on over to Design Eat Repeat!


April Fool's day is such a fun holiday and makes for a great prank. If your not much of an all out prankster try giving people heads of broccoli instead of suckers. This is fun, cute, and will have people laughing but not feeling offended. Want to stick it to someone this April Fool's? Head on over to The Decorated Cookie for the step-by-step!

I know what your thinking! You just want to take a bite out of every
thing on that platter! Sadly, it's not real food it's fake! I think making food and real looking objects out of polymer clay and is so intresting and cool. Also, trying new crafts you wouldn't normally try can be exhilerating and fun. If you want to make your own delicious platter of "food" whip on over to The Adventures of Arcly and Elo!

diy bottle lamp

Now that I made you super hungry we will move onto drinks! This diy lamp is super chic because you get two uses out of it and it's  a super chic-vintage lamp. I will say this may be a level higher than my capabilities, but for this lamp I would definitely take this project on. Slide on over to Eat, Knit & Diy to make your own bottle lamp!

Enjoy today is the perfect mantra for spring. The saying is light, cheery, and reminds you to enjoy each day. If your on your phone like I am then this is a constant reminder to always try to see the good in each day, hence the try because each day isn't going to be the best. If you love this delightful reminder like I do head on over to Jillianastasia!

basic outfit: denim top and leopard flats

I have an obsession with bags. I love having purses to change up with my outfits, and more directly I love satchels! This bag is a great pop of color and is just the perfect touch of color this spring. If you want to see a whole outfit with this beaut head on over to FashionEdible


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