Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Favorites...

Hello guys! Hope you enjoyed your weekend and are having a great first day of the week. Monday's are never my favorite, but it is a day closer to Friday and warm weather, which I am in dire need of. As per usual here are my weekend favorites from me to you!

Learn how to fake calligraphy or your favorite handwriting. It's SO easy!

I love the way calligraphy looks but can never seem to write it. This is one of those moments when I thought, why haven't I thought of this idea?! It's super easy and will have people thinking your handwriting is superb! Visit Julie Blanner to figure out how to fake it till you make it!

Spring Bud Vase - A Tried & True Project

What better way to get into the spring spirit than to make a festive vase. This is great because you can personalize it and add an array of flowers in it, and it not be just one bouquet. Spring on over to Tried & True to make your own.

Plan B anna evers DIY Night table makeover before and after

I have been wanting a new bedside table for the longest time. I think it's time to retire my old one, especially since the knobs keep falling off. I love this one not only because it has been transformed, but also because it looks very well made and luxurious. This kind of makes me want to refurbish my own now. Want to refurbish your's too? Head on over to Plan B.


I have begun a new found love for potatoes and cumin. Potatoes are so delicious when oven roasted and that's why I love this recipe! Cumin is a great spice to use especially on rice, it adds a nice zesty, lemon type flavor. Whip on over The New Potato to cook this scrumptious side.

I haven't ready that many books where I love the character, but Babe Walker is hard not to love! If your in for a good book definitely check on White Girl Problems, also look out for her new book coming out soon called Psychos. What I really love though is her closet tour on The Coveteur. Check it out to learn more about Babe and relish in her witty humor.


One of the first blogs I followed was Song Of Style. I really loved her style and how she dresses how she wants to and takes chances. I don't feel it's ever one-noted and always seems like something new. Definitely check out her blog you won''t regret it! Oh, and the outfit is a definite favorite too!


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